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FMWhatsApp APK is a highly customizable messaging app for Android. This app has lots of unique features that make it different from other mods. FMWhatsApp APK Download 2021 Now !!

Material Design UI |Privacy Focused | Themes| Stickers & Emoji

FMWhatsApp APK: Hey, Android Freaks! Do you know your Android Smartphone isn’t only supposed to use the official tedious applications? Yeah, these apps really suck since we’re using them for ages, and it’s hard to use the same interface for decades; Customization is also an important part.

The most crucial application utilized for instant messaging nowadays is WhatsApp, as you can’t survive these days without using WhatsApp for a single second. We know your excitement on your device’s WhatsApp notification pings.

Well, using WhatsApp is cool, Even I use it, But from inside, we’ve got annoyed with the same WhatsApp interface for ages and the same old features. We need something new with having all our friends, like the same featured instant-messaging service with more exceptional features and some customization-enabled tweaks.

So today, we’re here to help with providing you with one such Android application developed to offer you numerous tweaks you’re looking for! There are multiple WhatsApp MODs or modifications that can help you enjoy the customized WhatsApp journey with unique add-ons, but I recommend you FMWhatsApp APK. It’s one of the most-used WhatsApp MOD, preferred by both Beginners and Professional Instant Messengers.

Below, you can download the latest FMWhatsApp APK and acquire complete information about the app, within its main features, installation process, and frequently asked questions.

Let’s start this journey ASAP and get towards the primary application of the article. Must download FMWhatsApp APK below, and enjoy all your favorite modified features, including Customization and Auto-Reply.

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What is FMWhatsApp APK

As per my state of mind, no one on our planet doesn’t has heard of WhatsApp. It’s the most brilliant Android app used for Instant messaging, used in over 180 different countries by billions of users.

WhatsApp is primarily an Android application equipped with all your favorite instant-messaging features and compatibility with almost all Android Smartphones. However, after having these many features, the entire Play Store’s WhatsApp comment asks for updates, customizations, tweaks, and to introduce their favorite features.

There are tremendous things and privileges that WhatsApp’s official version lacks, and which finally gave origination to FMWhatsApp. FMWhatsApp is the most enthusiastic instant messaging application, developed to offer you the same WhatsApp servers with your desired interface and features.

Basically, FMWhatsApp APK is developed with reverse-engineering tools. They finally have engineered the entire app servers and features to use this app as the official WhatsApp. The app is now compatible with offering you the same WhatsApp servers on a more enthusiastic interface, including themes and most worthy features.

So stop waiting, since below, you can download the most current version of FMWhatsApp free of charge, containing all the newest resources and privileges you all are looking for!


Enhanced Privacy with Chat Lock

After listening, you’ll feel damn glad that FMWhatsApp is a privacy-rich Android application that cares about all your messages and media privacy. Within that, you can also lock your chats with Pin locks and hide them from the message list.

Go beyond media sharing limits

You must know this drawback of the official WhatsApp application, making the media sharing limits up to 16 MB, whereas you can fly beyond the limits while using FMWhatsApp. This MOD allows you to share more than 30 images and videos at a time, holding up to 700MB of size.

Enjoy free customization

Have you got annoyed or bored using the same white and green-faced WhatsApp interface and wanna get upgraded? If yes, you need to download FMWhatsApp APK, as this MOD version will allow you to use hundreds of themes in the theme store, with numerous font styles.

Pin more than three chats at a time

Pinning stands for marking the previous or most crucial messages on the top of the screen to get notified with all of them with ease of access. If you’re using official WhatsApp, you can only pin up to 3 chats, where FMWhatsApp allows you to pin up to 100 chats at a time! Sounds great.

Deleted Message Recovery

The message deletion update of WhatsApp annoyed billions of instant-message fans, as now the senders can delete the messages before the receiver can look it. But You won’t need to get scared of this annoyance since FMWhatsApp will offer you free Deleted Message Recovery.

More Emogi Variants for more fun

Do you know that there are way more emoji styles than what you guys use? You must have got flickered by the Emoji your friend sent you and ask him about that. So stop asking for such stuff, and download FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp MOD APK. This modification will offer you numerous Emoji collections free of charge.

More Features

✔️ Hundreds of exceptional themes

Gone are the days when you were reckoned to use the old-aged white-green-faced WhatsApp interface with those dots. Just download FMWhatsApp APK and enjoy the customization with hundreds of astonishing themes. These themes will enrich your entire messaging experience, including chat wallpaper, wallpaper, bubbles, and fonts.

✔️ Customize and make your own theme

FMWhatsApp is a fully customizable WhatsApp MOD, offering you a fluent allowance to customize its entire interface, including fonts, bubble image, header, footer, chat language, selected tab underline color, Message bar, Image animation, and background color. Become the creator of your own WhatsApp interface, Download FMWhatsApp 2021 APK!

✔️ Anti-Delete Messages

Message deleting was all the old stuff and can’t last in front of FMWhatsApp. This MOD offers you Anti-Delete Messages MOD, after which the sender can’t delete the already sent message for you, even just on a single second of message sending. Astonish all your friends today with FMWA MOD.

✔️ Disable Forward tag

Have you got annoyed with that sticky forwarded tag on all the messages and media you’re sending to your friends via groups or resending others’ messages? If yes, then you need FMWhatsApp APK at the very first priority, as this WhatsApp MOD is granting you a Disable Forward Tag MOD embedded inside the app. Now, forward unlimited messages without getting annoyed.

✔️ Hide WhatsApp media from gallery

WhatsApp media files are all the images and video files sent to you by your friends. Using FMWhatsApp MOD will allow you to hide all these files from your gallery without installing any third-party media hider application. Isn’t that convenient?

✔️ DND Mode for no disturbance

Within all the above-listed features, FMWhatsApp is also delivering you the DND Mode. It’s a simplistic WhatsApp MOD that can help you in-between some critical work or meditation, where you don’t want to get annoyed with message pings. Just Turn ON DND, and all your messages will get muted in a single instant.

✔️ Hide Last Seen

Being a privacy-rich Instant Messaging Android app, FMWhatsApp offers you the allowance to hide your Last Seen time from your entire Contact List. You won’t need to select the guys, as FMWhatsApp will automatically enable it for all Contacts.

✔️ Hide Blue Tick

Consequently, after the Last Seen hiding, you can also hide the Blue Ticks from your friends and won’t let them know that you already have seen the messages they sent you recently Reply whenever you want, still after viewing the complete message.

✔️ Deactivate the Video Calling Feature

Here is an additional feature, which isn’t available in the official WhatsApp application. You’re going right! FMWhatsApp is offering you permission to deactivate the Video Calling Feature of your WhatsApp. Now you can simply stop the upcoming video calls on your WhatsApp number without letting anyone know! Download it ASAP.

✔️ Set a password for WhatsApp

You’ll feel astonishing after hearing that the FMWhatsApp APK is embedded with an in-app app-lock extension. Yeah, you heard right!! You won’t need now any third-party app to lock your WhatsApp application, as you can simply download FMWhatsApp on your smartphone and seal it with the in-app app locker.

✔️ Lock your private chats

Apart from locking the entire WhatsApp application, you can also enhance your WhatsApp Security by hiding and locking your messages. All you need to do is Open the FMWA settings, in which you can enjoy chat lock under the security tab. Enjoy exceptional Security with unprecedented steps.

✔️ Send more images at a time

Again as a magical feature, FMWhatsApp allows you to send more than 60 messages to every recipient without the limit problem. Send unlimited images to all your friends with FMWA APK, and stop using two different applications for sending photos and messages.

✔️ Share large files freely

The file’s size is like a piece of cake for FMWhatsApp, as this WhatsApp MOD is offering you unlimited sending of files up to 700 MB, unlike that old official WhatsApp, where you could only send up to 16 MB media files at a time. Send the entire movie now, without struggling.

✔️ Message a number without saving

Unlike the official WhatsApp application, where you were required to save a number on your Contact List before sending them messages, FMWhatsApp offers you an allowance to send messages directly to anyone without even saving his number. All you need is to click on the Message Icon and enter the number; That’s it!!

✔️ Choose who can call you

Again, we are providing you with a privacy enrichment, consequently offering you an allowance to choose the persons from your contact list who can call you. You can now deselect all those guys you don’t want to call you and enjoy the extended privacy free of charge.

✔️ Hide View Status

After enabling Hide View Status toggle, one can watch all his/her friend’s statuses without letting him know in the Seen bar. Just enable it and see the magic.

✔️ Download your friend’s status

Congratulations!! Now, you won’t need to ask your friends for the Videos they uploaded on their WhatsApp status. All You need is to download FMWhatsApp APK, and afterward, you can practically download their status videos from a download button on the Status screen. Employ this feature ASAP.

✔️ Convenient installation process

Installing FMWhatsApp APK is as simple as eating a piece of cake lying on the table. And If you need the installation steps, you can get them below!!

Download FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK
App NameFMWhatsApp APK
Size47 MB
LanguageMulti-Language Support
DeveloperWhatsapp Mods
Last UpdatedOctober 11, 2021

What’s New in v9.00


  • [Re-Added] Ability to save Profile Picture
  • [Fixed] Contacts list not showing on some phones
  • [Fixed] Status Splitter crash on some phones
  • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements


How to Install FMWhatsApp APK 2021 on Android?

As we told you above that installing FMWhatsApp APK is a mere-most process, just like eating a piece of pie! In simple words, it can conveniently get installed with the default installation process per your smartphone. Or still, if you need a step-by-step process, you can go on with the below-listed steps – 

  1. Firstly, you’re required to enable the third-party installation since FMWhatsApp App isn’t a Play Store app! Open the Settings App ASAP. 
  2. Now, search for the Security tab in the huge Settings list.
  3. Open the Security option that’ll again open a vast list, where you’re supposed to find a toggle named Unknown Sources or Third Party Installation.
  4. Enable the toggle, just by clicking it.
  5. You’ve completed the enabling process and need to get back on this article for downloading FMWhatsApp APK.
  6. Click on the above download link and download the APK to the appropriate download folder.
  7. After the completion of the downloading process, You have to open the File Manager app (Default or Third-Party).
  8. Now search for the recently downloaded FMWhatsApp APK file and click on it.
  9. That’ll immediately arise a pop-up notification window, where you’re needed to click the Install button!
  10. Wait for 2-5 minutes and open the app after installation.
  11. Now allow for all the permissions needed to employ all the FMWhatsApp’s privileges, like Storage, Camera, Call, Internet, and Media.

That’s it!! Ultimately, you’ve successfully installed and fixed the FMWhatsApp application and are supposed to use all the worthy privileges of the FMWhatsApp app, with a brilliant app interface! Enjoy Instant Messaging!! 

Is FMWhatsApp APK Safe to Use on Android?

Yes, FMWhatsApp is 100% safe to use on Android smartphones, as it works on the same servers as the official WhatsApp and offers you a completely bug-free app interface. So download and enjoy FMWhatsApp ASAP without getting scared of any utterances. It’s a 100% ad-free app and will offer you the enthusiastic messaging experience that you never had before.

Is FMWhatsApp Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

Sadly, FMWhatsApp APK is only developed for Android Smartphones working on Android 4.4 OS or above. We haven’t got any updates from the developer’s words till the day. But whenever we get any updates for iPhones and iPads, we’ll update them ASAP on the same article. So Stay Tuned!!


FMWhatsApp Infographics

FMWhatsApp FAQ’s

Is FMWhatsApp safe to use on Android?

Yes, FMWhatsApp APK is 100% safe to use on any of your Android smartphones working above Android 4.4, even if it contains root access or not!

Does FMWhatsApp work on the iPhone?

No, FMWhatsApp is an Android-based application developed only for Android smartphones. We didn’t have got any iOS app version till the date from the developer. So You need to wait for it!!

Can FMWhatsApp be banned?

Well, the FMWhatsApp is an anti-ban WhatsApp MOD, so there is no chance of your WhatsApp account getting banned at any cost. But It’s all the developer’s words, so we must recommend you to use a temporary or demo account first, to make a performative trust on the app!

Is it possible to install FMWhatsApp without verification?

Yeah, it’s 100% possible, and all you need to do is – 

– Open the Play Store app.
– Select the Play Protect tab from Play Store Menu.
– Click the Settings Icon there and turn off the Play Protect Verification!

Now you can simply download and install FMWhatsApp on any Android smartphone.

Why isn’t FMWhatsApp available on the Play Store?

Basically, Google Play Store works on some terms and conditions, saying that MODs, Customizations for official apps aren’t acceptable. And FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD containing hundreds of customization privileges. That’s why you can’t get this app on Google Play Store.

Can I keep both Whatsapp official and FMWhatsApp APK installed together?

Yeah, that’s the best part of FMWhatsApp and used by most Instant Messaging enthusiasts! After having both these apps, official and the MOD; You can use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on an individual smartphone. That’s the most delightful thing.

How do I import conversations from WhatsApp to FMWhatsApp?

It’s a mere process, where you’re needed to open the official WhatsApp app firstly.

– Open WhatsApp Settings, and Go to Chat Settings.
– Click the Create Backup button that’ll take some time, and create an entire backup of your Chats + Media or any other adjustment you want.
– Now, follow the above installation steps and Install the FMWhatsapp APK.
– Open the FMWhatsapp APK, and follow the verification steps.
– After completing the verification, FMWhatsapp will ask you for a Chat backup, and now you can employ that backup.

Now you’re all good with your data. Employ it with all your aspired WhatsApp features.

Is FMWhatsApp developed by WhatsApp company?

No, FMWhatsApp is a modification of official WhatsApp developed by a modification developer! But the app works 100% on the official WhatsApp servers, so you aren’t needed to make a different account for official WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp.

Why FMWhatsApp not found in Play Store?

FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD, not a WhatsApp official owned Android application. It’s developed by a developer to offer you all the exceptional customization features. That’s why the app isn’t available on Google Play Store.

Is FMWhatsApp available for iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices as well?

FMWhatsApp APK is right now only released for Android smartphones since the iOS and Blackberry devices are securest ones and don’t support most third-party installations.

Moreover, if you’re using a Windows-based PC, you can download FMWhatsApp APK and install it there, only after having an Android emulator installed on it. You can download Nox Emulator, MEmu Emulator, or Bluestacks to install and use FMWhatsApp App on your PC.

How do I change themes on FMWhatsApp?

Changing themes is a simplistic process while using FMWhatsApp. Just download and install FMWhatsApp APK and open it; So you’ll get the Theme Store section on the FMWhatsApp features. Now you can download here any favorite theme and fix it for your customization interface ASAP!

Will I Be Banned if I Use FMWhatsApp?

No, you won’t get banned while using FMWhatsApp, as this MOD app is an anti-ban-supported app. But still, You can first use a demo account for testing the app’s policies and protection features.

Can I secure a specific chat or the whole FMWhatsApp APK profile with password protection?

Yeah! And it’s one of my most favorite privileges offered by the FMWhatsApp. This WhatsApp MOD contains an already inscribed App-Lock extension, which allows you to lock the entire WhatsApp application.

Moreover, you can also hide and lock a specific Chat with the Chat Lock feature of FMWhatsApp. Just download FMWhatsAPP 2021 APK from the above link and enjoy all these enhanced security features.

Wrapping Up:

Finally, the day came you waited for! Today, you can get all those messaging features you dreamed of every night with the same WhatsApp servers. You need to click the above download button, which will redirect you to the download page of FMWhatsApp APK.

It’s a convenient Android application that you can use on any Android smartphone, even without having the enabled root access, and contains the entire bug-free, 100% secure app interface. Download this futuristic WhatsApp ASAP!!

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